Current IT industry trends are heading towards Infrastructure As A Service and Storage As A Service. We are proud to announce that we will be offering custom business solutions on the ServiceNow! platform.


What is the ServiceNow! platform?  As opposed to the traditional on premises server and workstation infrastructure that requires maintenance and troubleshooting when something goes wrong the infrastructure is provided for a customer by ServiceNow! and is guaranteed to have 24/7 up time.  The level of sophistication and scale is determined by customer requirements.  In addition to providing the hardware infrastructure for a client, a powerful platform is used to manage and deploy business applications using the agile software development model.  This model allows for evolutionary development and allows for rapid and flexible response to change.  The ServiceNow! out of the box portfolio of business applications is extensive and can be customized to any business requirements while minimizing software development, IT infrastructure maintenance and incident management costs. For more information visit

The product portfolio for ServiceNow! includes IT service management, Software Asset Management, Customer Service Management, Risk and Compliance management, HR Service delivery and many more.  The most recent addition to the platform includes machine learning AI to automate and optimize business processes and work flow.