Where brand names fall short, custom computers deliver. We build custom computers for any role.


Brand name PCs frequently have a high price tag but lack in innovation and features.  We offer custom computer builds designed for any role.

We proudly use Asus and Gigabyte custom computer solutions.  Starting from a basic internet browsing machine all the way to a sophisticated cryptocurrency mining computer we tailor solutions to any budget using high quality parts instead of mainstream components which tend to have a higher failure rate.  All of our systems come with a 1 year part/labor warranty.  After one year we offer part warranty handling through the manufacturer with a regular hourly rate for repairs at $79/hour.

Productivity is the key to success in any business.  We always count on Information Technology Services LLC to provide us with a state of the art office workstations to keep us secure and productive.

Information Technology Services LLC makes complicated easy for us.  With so many changes in the software industry we have a hard time keeping up, but with experienced help from Yan we always have someone to count on.

Zimmerman Engineering

Custom Office Workstations

Whether you are looking for a lightning fast office workstation, CAD design system or graphic/video editing system we have a solution for you.  High performance doesn’t have to mean a high price tag, call us for more information.

Gaming Computers

We offer both air cooled and liquid cooled gaming computer configuration for any enthusiast.  Hand picked components ensure the longevity of any gaming system.