We install and maintain on premises or cloud based server solutions for your growing business needs.


We specialize in implementing server solutions based on your business requirements.

Performance is critical in today’s computing environments.  We plan your data storage solutions based on your business size, growth potential and longevity in mind.  Properly securing your data is paramount with any server whether it is a cloud based VM or an on premises machine.  Ask us how we can help with planning and implementation.

When ITS came to our business our Hyper-V servers were acting erratically and had significant amounts of downtime and nothing seemed to work.  After troubleshooting both the hardware and software everything runs perfectly.  Thank you ITS!

ITS are exceptional professionals, who understand their client’s needs and go above and beyond to ensure that client data is secure and accessible.   A most important perk  was how Mr. Levin worked the entire project around our busy schedule.   Our team is greatful and is eager to recommend ITS to any individual or organization with IT needs.


Servers require maintenance, backups and upgrades due to company growth.  Let us help you decide which solution is the most effective for your business.  Call 734-756-1505 for a free consultation.